Consumer Directed Options

Person Directed Options (PDS)

What is PDS?
PDS is a program offered for Kentucky Medicaid Waiver members who are currently receiving or becoming eligible for the Home and Community Based Waiver (HCB).  PDS allows waiver members to choose who provides their non-medical services which allow the client greater freedom of choice, flexibility, and control over their supports and services.  Members can choose to direct all or some of their non-medical waiver services.

Who is Eligible for a Waiver Program
Those who:
  •  Are elderly or disabled
  •  Meet nursing home facility level of care (as defined in 907 KAR 1:022) who, without services would be admitted into a nursing facility.
  • Are financially eligible for Medicaid services (special financial eligibility for Medicaid is applied for this program)

Who and how can I enroll in the waiver program?

Waiver programs are available to Medicaid recipients receiving non-medical services through the Home and Community Based (HCB), Supports for Community Living (SCL), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), and Michelle P (MPW) waivers.

If you currently get services through the HCB, SCL, ABI, or MPW waivers:

  • Contact your current Medicaid waiver case manager and let them know that you are interested in enrolling in the CDO program.  You case manager will contact the appropriate agency to make the referral.  Once the referral is received, a Support Broker will contact you to arrange a time to meet with you.
If you do not currently receive services through HCB, SCL, ABI, or MPW waivers:
Contact KIPDA and complete a CDO intake with any of our intake specialists. 

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