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    Horizon 2035: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN Metropolitan Planning Area

    The Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Horizon 2035, is the planning document that reflects all surface transportation investments through the year 2035 in the Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA).  Each transportation project that is regionally significant and/or utilizes federal transportation funds must be identified in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, providing a vision of how our transportation network will function and appear in the future.

    The Plan provides the 20-year vision in order to determine how this will affect the MPA and the communities therein.  The Plan is based on comprehensive land use and other plans from the jurisdictions within the MPA to ensure a realistic picture of how the area is expected to change, develop, and/or remain the same over time.  The planning process, by using information and data from land use plans, forecasts what our communities and the MPA will be like in terms of population, jobs, housing, commuting patterns, financing, and general land use in the future.  This process is based on data; socioeconomic projections and air quality modeling are important pieces of the plan development process, as are anticipated funding sources.  Projected revenues and projected project costs are based on the concept of Year of Expenditure, which means adjusting financial estimates to account for anticipated changes that may occur over time.  Long-range planning allows the opportunity to be proactive with issues.  

    Horizon 2035: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan
    for the Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN
    Metropolitan Planning Area
    Adopted by the Transportation Policy Committee August 28, 2014
    Posted 12/08/14, PDF, 16.7 KB
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    AMENDMENTS to the Horizon 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
    Amendment 1 (February 2015) PDF, 123 KB
    Amendment 2 (February 2015) PDF, 120 KB
    Amendment 3 (August 2015) PDF, 92 KB
    Amendment 4 (August 2015) PDF, 81 KB
    Amendment 5 (April 2016) PDF, 77 KB
    Amendment 6 (April 2016) PDF, 71 KB
    Amendment 7 (July 2017) PDF, 80 KB
    Amendment 8 (March 2018) PDF, 83 KB
    Amendment 9 (September 2018) PDF, 91 KB 
    Amendment 10 (October 2018) PDF, 226 KB 
    Amendment 11 (March 2019) PDF, 3MB
    Amendment 12 (May 2019) PDF, 3 MB
    Amendment 13 (June 2019) PDF, 2 MB 

    MTP Project Maps
    Metropolitan Planning Area Project Map, PDF, 5.4 MB
    Bullitt County, Kentucky Project Map, PDF, 1.7 MB
    Clark County, Indiana Project Map, PDF, 1.9 MB
    Floyd County, Indiana Project Map, PDF, 2.3 MB
    Jefferson County, Kentucky Project Map, PDF, 4.6 MB
    Oldham County, Kentucky Project Map, PDF, 1.1 MB

    For other planning maps, please see the Maps page

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