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    Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Planning for Accessibility

    The Americans with Disabilities Act requires a Transition Plan by local and state governments.  Such a plan includes how the government will remove barriers to accessibility over time for persons with disabilities, such as installing curb ramps at intersections, constructing a ramp to the gazebo in the city park, making a web site accessible for the persons with low vision, ensuring public meetings are fully accessible to persons with disabilities, and other related issues. 

    Under the American with Disabilities Act, all governments with 50 or more employees (full-time and/or part-time) should have completed an ADA Transition Plan by 1995.  Many government agencies did at the time, but never updated the plan after its initial adoption. Other agencies were not aware of the requirements and did not author such a plan.  Governments with fewer than 50 employees are not required to have an ADA transition plan, but must continue to remove barriers to access, just as required in such a plan. 

    To this end, KIPDA hosted a workshop in conjunction with KYTC, FHWA-IN, and FHWA-KY on Friday, September 16, 2011.  Through this workshop, materials were presented to assist LPAs with developing and updating an ADA transition plan. The materials, as well as links provided during the workshop, are provided below.  If you are in need of assistance in the development or update of your LPA's Transition Plan, please contact KIPDA staff at kipda.trans@kipda.org

    Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan for Nine-County KIPDA Region

    Posted 08/01/2014, PDF, 7MB

    Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Planning Workshop Presentation
    (PDF, 540 KB)

    FHWA Technical Assistance Tool: ADA Transition Plan Self-Assessment Checklist
    (PDF, 126 KB)

    ADA Compliance at Transportation Agencies: A Review of Practices
    (PDF, 5 MB)

    The National Academies, National Academy of Science, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, ADA Transition Plan: A Guide to Best Management Practices 
    (PDF, 169 KB)

    ADA Transition Planning Emphasis Area Guidance - Milestones  
    (PDF, 99 KB)

    Pedestrian Checklist and Considerations for Temporary Traffic Control Zones 
    (PDF, 1.6 MB)

    Additional Resources & Standards:

    Americans with Disabilities Act, Department of Justice Guidelines for Web Accessibility

    PROWAG (Proposed Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines)

    ADAAG (ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities)


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