• KIPDA Organizational Chart

    Division of Social Services - Unit on Aging

    Barbara Gordon

    Director of Social Services 

    Social Services

    Vesselina Romanov
    Social Services Planner 

    Sue Johnson
    Nutrition & Health Promotion Planner

    JoAnna Weiss
    Quality Management Planner

    Lynne Evans
    Budgets & Contracts Administration Coordinator

    James McGown
    Budget & Contracts Planner

    Sarah King
    Budget & Contracts Assistant

    Holly Turano
    Special Projects Coordinator

    Susan Travis
    Social Service Administrative Assistant

    In-Person Assisters Program

    Beth Mathis
    In-Person Assister Team Leader

    Outreach, Education, & Enrollment Coordinator

    Data Security & Reporting Technician

    Mia Anderson
    In-Person Assister

    Christie Hartlage
    In-Person Assister

    (3) Vacant
    In-Person Assister

    Community Services & Supports

    Jessica Elkin
    Community Services & Supports Manager

    Julie Cassin
    Family Caregiver Program Coordinator

    Melissa Brockman
    Support Staff

    Antoinette Hill
    Support Staff

    Support Staff

    Cathy Kilgore
    Support Staff

    Teresa Miller
    Support Staff

    Dia Erpenbeck
    Assessment & Case Management Coordinator

    Carla Alvis
    Case Manager

    Christy Cook
    Case Manager

    Olivia Crossland
    Case Manager

    Colleen Curran
    Case Manager

    Case Manager

    Rita Wells
    Case Manager

    Jennie Sullivan
    Program Assessor

    Suzanne Bittenbender
    Waiver Coordinator

    Jennifer Hopper
    Waiver Supervisor

    Holly Peters
    Waiver Supervisor

    Jessica Sermersheim
    Waiver Supervisor

    Service Advisor

    Amber Rosario
    Service Advisor

    Service Advisor

    Leslie Wright
    Service Advisor

    Kelly Yurt
    Service Advisor

    Teresa Sumlin
    Service Advisor

    Devan Case
    MP/SCL Case Manager

    Karina Petruk
    MP/SCL Case Manager

    Aging & Disability Resource Center

    Jennifer Craig
    ADRC Coordinator

    Brittney Baines
    ADRC Specialist III

    Shantrece Belmar
    ADRC Specialist III

    Sheila Harber
    ADRC Specialist II

    Lisa McDonald
    ADRC Specialist I

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