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    About the Community and Economic Development Division- What Can KIPDA Do for You?

    KIPDA maintains a Community and Economic Development (CED) Division that provides technical assistance to governmental members of the seven Kentucky Counties. The Division is funded through State Joint Funding Administration Funds (JFA). The major goal of the JFA is to bring miscellaneous federal and state grants benefiting the region under a common administrative and planning umbrella. Below are the several programs and services provided by the Community and Economic Development Division:

    Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
    This federal matching grant assists local governments in financing community projects and public facility improvement projects. The grant is administered on a local level through the Governor's Office for Local Development. KIPDA assists local governments with CDBG projects by performing administration of the applicable state and federal guidelines and regulations.

    Recreational Trails Grant Program
    This program assists local governments in maintaining and constructing trails for both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail use. The program is authorized by the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) and is administered locally through the Kentucky Department for Local Government.

    Land & Water Conservation Grant Program
    This program is a matching grant for the acquisition, development, and renovation of outdoor recreation areas and facilities. The grant provides up to fifty percent matching funds and is awarded to local governments on a reimbursement basis. The National Parks Service administers the program at the federal level and the Governor's Office for Local Development administers the grant at the local level.

    Area Development Fund Grant
    The ADF grant is awarded to counties and cities within the region to fund capital projects. ADF funds are typically applied towards construction, renovation, and/or maintenance of buildings, acquisition of real property, major equipment purchases, and public facilities projects. The grant is administered through the Governor's Office for Local Development . The KIPDA Board of Directors annually approves projects within the region that requests ADF funds.

    For a list of available grants/loans please click here.

    Hazard Mitigation Plan
    The purpose of the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan is to identify the scope and impact of various natural hazards that could potentially affect communities within our six-county (Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble) region. The plan also formulates a mitigation strategy designed to reduce the negative impact of natural hazards on our communities and plan maintenance procedures designed to ensure the plan remains a relevant and functional mitigation plan.

    Comprehensive Land Use Plan
    KIPDA staff cooperatively works with county Planning & Zoning Commissions within the region in developing and/or amending its Comprehensive Land Use Plans. Staff provides technical assistance with regulations, ordinances, and conducting public hearings at the local level.

    KIPDA Regional Water Management Plan
    Senate Bill 409, passed in the 2000 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, requires local governments and water systems to develop a long range plan for providing potable water to all Kentuckians by 2020. The KIPDA Board of Directors is required to annually prioritize each proposed water project within the region. The KIPDA Regional Water Management Council is an advisory group comprised of representatives from all seven Kentucky counties and leads the water planning on a regional platform.

    Regional GIS:
    In 1999, KIPDA began building a geographic information system (GIS) relating to infrastructure, geographic data (with text), and statistical data. This information database, (including digital mapping) will support county and city-based operations and decision making.

    KIPDA GIS can readily make available information relating to water/ wastewater, fire districts, sanitation districts, existing land use, accurate city and county boundaries, railroads, bridges, utility lines, roadways, school districts, voting precincts, industrial sites, telecommunications, and other related information.

    Water Resource Development Commission (WRDC) and Water Resources Information System (WRIS)The Water Resources Development Commission (WRDC), now located at the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, is recognized for utilizing GIS technology in creating a Statewide Water Resource Development Plan. Data layers collected by Kentucky’s Area Development Districts for the WRDC in 1998-99 are now maintained and utilized at KIA for review and analysis under the newly formed Water Resource Information System (WRIS). In conjunction with SB 409 and the Regional Water Management Plan, KIPDA staff will continue with updates of the water/ wastewater data that is utilized and maintained by the KIA Water Resource Information System.

    General Administration
    KIPDA staff provides technical assistance to the Region's cities and counties in budgeting and financial management, personnel administration, procurement, and other services as requested. KIPDA staff also works in cooperation with other local and state agencies to provide training and workshops for local officials.

    For further information contact Jarrett Haley.

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