• Family Caregiver Support Program/ Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

     This program provides:

    ·         Information & Assistance to caregivers

    ·         Counseling

    ·         Training and support groups

    ·         Respite for caregivers

    ·         Workplace education & Training

    ·         Assistance with supplemental services such as home adaption and medical supplies


    The basic criteria for the Family Caregiver Support Program are:

    ·         You are providing care for someone 60 years or older

    ·         You are providing care for someone under 60 with early on-set dementia

    ·         You are a grandparent or relative who is 55 years or older caring for child that is 18 and under

    ·         You are 60 years or older caring for an individual with Mental Retardation or Developmental Disabilities

    10 Symptoms of Caregiver Stress

    1. Denial about the disease and its effect on the person who has been diagnosed.
      I know Mom is going to get better.
    2. Anger at the person with Alzheimer’s or frustration that he or she can’t do the things they used to be able to do. 
      He knows how to get dressed — he’s just being stubborn.
    3. Social withdrawal from friends and activities that used to make you feel good.
      I don’t care about visiting with the neighbors anymore.
    4. Anxiety about the future and facing another day. 
      What happens when he needs more care than I can provide?
    5. Depression that breaks your spirit and affects your ability to cope. 
      I just don't care anymore.
    6. Exhaustion that makes it nearly impossible to complete necessary daily tasks.
      I'm too tired for this.
    7. Sleeplessness caused by a never-ending list of concerns.
      What if she wanders out of the house or falls and hurts herself?
    8. Irritability that leads to moodiness and triggers negative responses and actions.
      Leave me alone!
    9. Lack of concentration that makes it difficult to perform familiar tasks.
      I was so busy, I forgot my appointment.
    10. Health problems that begin to take a mental and physical toll.
      I can't remember the last time I felt good.

    If you experience any of these signs of stress on a regular basis, make time to talk to your doctor.

    Caregiver Resources

    ·       Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline 800.272.3900

    ·       Greater Kentucky/Southern Indiana Alzheimer’s Association

    ·       Caregiver Stress.com

    ·       JFCS Family Caregiver Program

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